Mars University

Mars University is a resource used for all learning and development activity across Mars. Open to all Associates, the University is comprised of eight functional colleges (e.g. Sales, Engineering) and two cross-functional colleges (e.g. Management and Leadership Curriculum). The University is accessible across the globe and provides an invaluable set of resources and learning methods in the form of training courses, e-learning modules, a library, and research centre. The content is created by top Mars Associates, supported by external experts, which offers individuals the competitive advantage they need to succeed in all areas of the business.

Whether Associates want to develop a technical skill or improve upon a behavioural competency, we will provide the investment, opportunity, and framework they need to focus on their development and growth.

The Mars Graduate School partners with the Australian Institute of Management and is unique to Mars University. The Mars Graduate School has been designed to provide training programs that will fast track our graduates development in order to prime them to be future leaders of our business.