PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, MY DOG®, DINE®, SCHMACKOS® brands and many more dry Petcare brands are proud to call Bathurst home. Bathurst is located on the Macquarie River 200 km west of Sydney via the Great Western Highway. Bathurst is Australia’s oldest inland settlement and is one of Australia’s fastest growing regional centres.

Graduates that relocate to work for Mars Petcare often decide to reside near the town's centre due to its cosmopolitan feel, lively entertainment and assortment of bars, restaurants and sporting activities. The commute to work is only a 5-10 minute drive! The Bathurst site offers an extensive health and wellness program with individualised physical assessments and access to numerous educational and interactive health programs. The onsite cafeteria facilities offer best in class dining with outstanding breakfast and lunch options. Should you choose to wear the traditional 'whites' uniform synonymous with Mars' egalitarian culture, you will also have your work attire laundered, with fresh clothes sitting in your personal locker each morning!

Bathurst offers lots of local activities, including the nationally famous Bathurst 1000 motor race. There are numerous sporting clubs in the area, museums and galleries to attend, access to national parks that are perfect for camping and outdoor activities, and a bunch of Associates who have made up a road cycling club to rival the 'Pedigree' team in Wodonga. Bathurst provides a great, affordable lifestyle with a full range of quality health and community services.

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